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Festive Season : Diwali

The City Markets are fully lightened up !!! Enjoy the Shopping Season!!!


Gambling – The Viral Trend

Everyone Knows the fact that gambling and betting is a punishable crime in India. But we also know despite of it being a crime people still gamble.Diwali one of the biggest festivals of Indian Culture brings in the Viral Trend of gambling.One week before Diwali , nights in the tricity are spent earning and loosing tons of money on gambling. People consider it as an auspicious act for inviting the goddess of wealth into their homes.These people throw out lavish card parties which are confined in their homes or at their farm houses which are usually located at the outskirts of the city . They usually try keeping these parties on the outer suburbs of the city to avoid messing up with the cops.These guys earn and loose tons of money,they also avoid direct transaction and rather use banks to do the transactions. Betting is done on everything right from cash in amounts of lakhs to gold,luxury watches,handbags,high end cars to even holiday packages.In the tricity some of the luxury car party holders say that the betting start of 5 lakhs and go till 15 lakhs or even more.They think playing cards is auspicious in this season , they organize luxury 10 course meal parties starting fortnight before Diwali.These parties start from 10 pm every night till around 4 am in the morning.These were some of the stakes by the high end people of the city but this is not the limit.This viral trend is now among the city youngsters too.They keep their betting limit from money in thousands to mobile phones ,branded clothes,weekend trips etc. Their venues are mainly hostels and private rooms. Tricity is not the limit for this, our Bollywood has some big players in this .The film maker Ekta kapoor is known to throw the biggest parties of the industry.It is known that Ekta’s father Jeetendra has transformed his villa into a casino with a bar,cash dispensing machines and rummy counters.Akshay Kumar ,Shilpa-Raj Shetty and Amir Khanalso plan such parties for friends.

Don’t be a gambler; once a gambler, always a gambler. 

India V/s England 3rd ODI

India V/S England 3rd ODI – PCA Stadium Mohali

Team India will go head to head against England for the 3rd One Day International on Thursday at the Punjab Cricket AssociationStadium,Mohali.The Indians will be up with the motive of securing the five match series.The Indian team is leading in the series with 2-0 led by an emphatic 8 wicket win in the last match held in New Delhi.

The Expected Starting Eleven for the Teams :

India Team : MS Dhoni(C), MM Patel, PS Kumar, RS Dravid, RG Sharma, SK Raina, PA Patel, V Kohli,RA Jadeja, A Mishra, R Vinay Kumar, R Ashwin, AM Rahane, VR Aaron, RP Singh
England Team : AN CookIR Bell, SCJ Broad, JM Anderson, SR Patel, GP Swann, RS Bopara, TT Bresnan, IJL Trott, C Kieswetter, ST Finn, Jade Dernbach, Ben Stokes
Ticket Prices
AC Lounge : Rs 12,500
Enclosure Area : Rs 20,000
Terrace : Rs 5,000
VIP Block : Rs 1,500
Chairs Block : Rs 300
Student : Rs 100

Festive Season : Karva Chauth

This year Diwali ,Dusherra,Karva Chauth all are in this month of October.People are full of fun and enthusiasm in this part of the year. Everyone is excited about these festivals.Today is Karva Chauth,the day when married women fast from sunrise to moon rise for the safety and long life of his husband.Sometimes unmarried women observe the fast for their fiances or desired husbands. In Chandigarh,Punjab married women and girls are very excited about this day.They prepare themselves by applying Mehandi on their hands and dressing up in traditional clothes .

The local Market is packed from a few days in advance before Karva Chauth. Women buy tradition clothes, jewelry ,puja items for this day.For a visit to some of the bazaars of the city , in sector 15 ,22,35  .These will be the most busy markets in this season. On Karva Chauth and before this day there is a ‘mad rush’ of women waiting in queues for Mehandi.Applying especially on Karva Chauth is considered to be auspicious for married women and is also a necessary part of the ritual. Markets are flooded with women waiting to get their hands designed.

Its an awesome time to enjoy in the City Beautiful.The Markets are Brightly lit up.The Festive Season is On 🙂

Welcome to the Chandigarh Blog

This is our first step on taking the city beautiful online. We have started this small blog to keep the Chandigarh people as well as others updated about the city.Most of the people don’t even know what is actually happening in the city,even though everyone reads newspaper everyday in morning but they are basically filled with not so fresh morning friendly news. They are more of murders,thefts,snatching etc.

So we started this to keep the people updated about to city .The basic information,what is actually happening in the city,Events,etc. 

We hope you enjoy here. 🙂

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